Through all my practice, I have tried many things all of them different, inspiring and exceptional. I like to think, that they have led me to the place and interest I am into now. All aspects of Performance Design, costumes, lights, set thought me to be more conscious, of what I am putting out and what I am trying to communicate. Even that I lack of making skills, I believe that every director should have at least basic knowledge of every aspect of filmmaking to know what can work and what not. I believe that my study, gave me that and make me want to craft the skills a little more. All this time I have been constantly introduced to collaborative work, which made me think more critically at my work. Thanks to all people I have worked with I realised that every aspect can be improved and look better than imagined. I learnt how to negotiate my ideas and not being disappointed with the result. I believe that foundation for collaborative agenda is trust and as a director make everyone feel important and needed, to feel like the part of family. Thanks to that I have learnt how to bring the best from the script and show it on a screen as vividly as possible. In my opinion collaborations are one of the most teachable and inspiring experience the one could imagine.

In the end what I find really important is to not take myself and my work too seriously and always be open to constructive criticism , which will help me out on the path to improvement. Every situation which occurs consider as a lesson to be better and work harder, that in the end I know that I fully deserved what I had been given.




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