Collection of films which had the biggest influence on me work. Films that challenge the viewer emotionally, intellectually and aesthetically, never living one unbiased. Films where spoken word comes second to the tell the story. Films so well crafted, which hung the bar so high that not many will reach. Films simply excellent.

Grew up on Hitchcock, Lynch and Cronenberg films, which inspired me to go the pathway of exploration the human psyche and share it through the camera. They implanted the fascination in me to push the boundaries between what is real and what is not, using camera as an extension of thoughts and expression for ideas and feelings. Every film is the attempt to create atmosphere which force the viewers to deeper reflection. To create the image that will make one stop and think. It is not easy, but this challenge has been pushing me to work harder and be better. Not a perfectionist, while imperfections say a lot about character. I admire raw and rough image almost brutal in aesthetics, the one which fools others in exposing everything, but actually manipulates and gives the one what he wants in a right time, even when he thinks he has seen everything. Believe that spoken word always should come second, camera and image should be the one which tell the story. Always trying to create a character, which is not visible on the screen, but viewer could sense a presence of it, through different media like sound, lights ext This collection of films, made me look more critically at my work, but not only, they helped me enlarge the perspective of film making. I’ve started to study every single shot to improve my work and get more knowledge in the field. Films like Alfred Hitchcock Rope or Russian Ark by Alexander Sokurov introduced me to long takes. It made me realize that cuts are unnecessary to build the suspense and build up the story. Even more, they showed me that this type of film making creates a special bond between the viewer and film. Viewer feels a participant to the action, he is not watching the action, he lives in it.

The whole idea of mine, to create invisible character got from David Lynch movies, one in particular Eraserhead. This film was the one, which showed me the importance of sound. Sound which creates the atmosphere and can be interpreted in many different ways. Sound that creates a story itself and image just follows. Since then I have been trying to be more conscious of what kind of sound I am using in my films. At this stage, I would not call my experience with sound very successful, while I mostly make films for ready composed music. Nevertheless I have been trying to explore this issue and bring it to live in next project.

Lars von Trier, I consider as the one of the best director’s of the 21st century. His vision of filmmaking leaves me speechless. He has been constantly balancing between brutality and compassion to the characters or situations. His intelligence allows him to manipulate the audience and convince them to the certain facts which does not exist, like in the film Dogville, in my opinion masterpiece. He created the world which exists only in our imagination, but the story convinced us that it was actually real. The innovative concept, of not making the set or shooting in location, but simply draw the plan of town in a black space and place the action there, was something new to me and I am sure to other people as well. The story, action, characters and atmosphere, made people forget about non existing place and take it as a place that actually exists somewhere in the world. The whole concept of set, was not the only thing which strikes me in von Triers film. Another one is the fact that he constantly breaks the 180degree rule, thanks to want he creates disturbance and disorientation or like in Antichrist he shows the deeper meaning for the story, which is lack of communication in people’s relations.

All these films had big impact on me as a creator. All these films made me take baby steps to slowly create something extraordinary.

220px-MaratSadeDVD Jackson-Marat-Sade3    7242423.3bronson-51b17b668f0e1    Eraserhead_postereraserhead images images3 images4 images5   Dogville the-conversation-movie-poster-1974-10202991108095-the-conversation

BLUE+VELVET+-+American+Poster+1 blue5 Nebraska_Poster neb2vertigo__120805192824   indeks double affiche-Fear-and-Desire-1953-1 7599243.3  clockworkclockwork-milk-barin-a-year-with-13-moons-movie-poster-1978-102046620813moonsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamerican_history_x_7551believer-frontfightclub-poster2indeks2E3DObe3tA5I.movieposter indeks


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